Top Three Brunch Spots in Milwaukee
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Top Three Brunch Spots in Milwaukee

It’s time to tackle the ageless question: where is the best brunch spot? To know which Milwaukee breakfast joint is the absolute best, we have to establish some defining characteristics of a perfect brunch establishment. This article will be grading the different restaurants in three specific categories:

Food quality: Do the pancakes make your mouth water every time you see them fly by your table? Is the hollandaise sauce drizzled to perfection over your Benedict? Is that bacon crispy enough to throw shade at any Kardashian sister?

Mimosas: If the restaurant doesn’t serve mimosas it’s not a brunch spot and has no place on this list. Here’s the question though, do the mimosas heighten the experience from orange juice, beer, and champagne to something truly special?

Vibe: A good vibe can make any dining experience exceptional. From incredible hole in the wall diners to refined five-star restaurants, a little care for the aesthetic goes a long way.

With the categories listed out and defined, it’s time to unearth where the best brunch spots are in Milwaukee.

Spot: Brunch

Location: 714 N Milwaukee St

Overview: Naming your restaurant Brunch is a pretty bold move. Luckily, this Milwaukee classic is able to deliver. Brunch is spectacular from experience to taste. From excellent customer service to wonderful aesthetic to a myriad of food and beverage choices, Brunch excels at everything it puts its mind to.

Food: There is a BACON FLIGHT here… I’m not sure I reasonably need to say any more than that. Okay, but I will. There is also an absurdly good Mac and Cheese Burrito as well as a Brunch Spätzle that will blow your mind. No, there isn’t a bad option at Brunch, but yes, you will always be jealous of what everyone else has. There are too many delicious options for any one person to comprehend. Will you be back eating at Brunch every Sunday until the eventual heat death of the sun? Probably, but that’s the risk you take when you go eat at Brunch. Consider yourself properly warned.

Mimosas: Brunch provides seven ways to consume mimosas. Essentially deciding to be the ideal that all brunch establishments strive towards and they succeeded. The Tequila Sunrise Mimosa is spectacular and the Bro-Mosa is a terrific choice for anyone looking for maximum flavor while devouring scrumptious food. They even have party sized mimosas if you’re looking to share. I never am… so I’ll keep my mimosas to myself.

Vibe: Absolutely delightful, this wood furnished spot seems as though it was stolen from France, scooted along across the Atlantic, and simply placed perfectly into its current spot-on Milwaukee St. Outdoor seating means that you can stay and chat with a few friends, or they also service pickup currently. So, feel free to run in, grab your food, and sprint to whatever place you think will be more delightful than Brunch’s exterior.

Spot: Blue’s Egg

Location: 317 N 76th St, Milwaukee, WI 53213

Overview: If you haven’t heard of Blue’s Egg I am exceptionally grateful that you decided to read this article. Your life is about to be forever changed. If you want the brunch classics cooked to literal perfection, drive yourself to Blue’s Egg right now! Incredible atmosphere, lovely staff, and divine food make this place the pinnacle of diner eating. They master the eggs Florentine and huevos rancheros, though their scramble just may be my favorite thing on the menu.

Food: Anything you’re looking for, it’s right here at Blue’s. Florentine Benedict, Evoo Browns, Pulled Ham Omelet… honestly, I just want to keep typing out the entire menu because everything is so good!

Mimosa: Blue’s Egg’s mimosas elevate just how delicious orange juice and champagne can be. Freshly squeezed, perfectly mixed, the experience of drinking these handcrafted beverages is absolutely heavenly. Most places can’t give me a traditional mimosa and blow my mind. Blue’s Egg already has.

Vibe: Your quintessential diner, this place is all about the people working there. Just an incredible wait staff, host team, and though I’ve never met the chefs, based on their food, I’m sure they are delightful. Blue’s Egg is a perfect getaway.

Spot: Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern

Location: 234 E Vine St

Overview: Dang this place is cute as heck and so tasty! Vibrant atmosphere with food to match. This is a destination that will nail itself into your memory and never disappear. You’ll be haunted by the delicious tastes for years and years. It’s actually a curse to taste how good the flavors are at Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern. Still, you need to go.

Food: Get the loaded fries! Or the Wolfunidido, or the BELTCH… really, get anything and everything ordered directly to your table. Come to Uncle Woflie’s hungry because there is no chance you will leave with any room in your stomach. The sizes are large and unbelievably tasty. Even the Breakfast Burrito which could be completely average is terrific. They do not slouch on a single item on this menu.

Mimosas: While the mimosas at Wolfie’s are wonderful, the Fermentorium and Warpigs are the superstars. Fruity, tart, no matter how sleepy you are, they will wake you up. Pairing perfectly with nearly everything on the menu. If sweet and fruity isn’t your style, the Revolution is a chocolaty wonderland. Go every day until you’ve tried each and every one of these handcrafted drinks. That’s an order.

Vibe: Rustic to the ninth degree. You will feel as though you are in a wood cabin. Escapism at its best. Unless of course, your house looks like a wood cabin… which is not completely unlikely… I’m digressing, the vibe is matched by excellent service that will brighten your day. Just make sure you tip them appropriately, otherwise I’ll set a curse on you that will make everything taste like ocean water.

There are spectacular brunch spots all over Milwaukee, but these three stands at the top. Their vibe is to die for, their food is to die for, their mimosas are… well be safe drinking. These three shops will make any brunch nonbeliever see the light. So, go start enjoying your Sunday (Or any day, don’t be controlled!) right now, and then send me a thank you letter.