Milwaukee’s Best 10 Beer Bars
Best Bars in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Best 10 Beer Bars

“You pay for the beer and the foam.” Most beer lovers consider this before entering a bar. The ‘foam’ includes hospitable and competent staff, quality drink varieties, and a safe location.

In Milwaukee, the “Beer Capital of the World,” good pubs line every corner. And that’s understandable because the love of beer has brewed here since the 1840s.

Picking the best bar can be tricky since standards depend on individual preferences, but the top bars have niches and multiple beer options that align with most drinkers.

Here’s a list of ten such beer bars in Milwaukee.

  • Burnhearts

    Source: Burnhearts

    Even for those who judge bars based on beer quality alone, Burnhearts offers a rounded drinking experience. It’s located in Bay View and boasts 24 frequently rotated beer taps and a cocktail list crafted to satisfy patrons.

    Stepping in, the staff will introduce you to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The cozy interiors and old-school music provide a chill vibe whether you’re solo drinking or hanging out with company.

    Summer comes with two perks: outdoor drinking and the outdoor fest, which occurs twice yearly. At the fest, you enjoy rare beer, live music, and interaction with different people.

    2599 S Logan Ave. Milwaukee

  • Sugar Maple

    Source: Leah Gayle

    Welcome to Lincoln Avenue, where one of the most noticeable things is Sugar Maple’s extending signage. Upon entry into its spacious halls, you’ll notice the harmonious use of the amber theme on the walls, artworks, tables, and bar.

    The next thing of note is the exhaustive list of over 60 craft beer taps. The bar greatly supports local breweries, so expect to find many local beers here.

    Before you get carried away with indecisiveness, the bartenders will guide you with beer options and even tastings.

    Sugar Maple is a cultured beer that pours beers only in the appropriate glasses. So, if your beer differs from your partner’s, the beer glass will also vary.

    You can enjoy your beer indoors or on the patio at the back (if the weather is favorable).

    Notable mentions are the games and music events they host. Ensure you get there early on such days to get a good seat.

    441 E Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee

  • The Highbury Pub

    Source: The Highbury Pub

    Some may say a great watering hole should be passionate about its beer, atmosphere, and patrons. The Highbury Pub adds one more with its dedication to soccer.

    It’s one of the few bars that open very early (as early as 6 a.m. at times) to show soccer matches and serve beer.

    The televisions hung above the bar, and flags honoring different teams are the evidence. What is most satisfying is how they all blend into the decoration.

    Importantly, they serve different brews to their soccer-frenzied patrons. If you wish for snacks, you must bring your own or buy nearby, as Highbury Pub doesn’t sell any.

    2322 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee

  • Old German Beer Hall

    Source: Shih-Pei Chang

    Knowing a watering hole’s history helps you better appreciate its beer. This legendary bar is a testament to the beer-brewing culture that German settlers instilled in Milwaukee in the 1850s.

    The uniformed staff complement the Bavarian atmosphere of Hofbräuhaus brews and brunch. You can be sure of two things: beers in large quantities and pretzels and bratwurst with the taste of Munich in every bite.

    1009 N. Old World Third Street, Milwaukee

  • Y-Not II Tavern

    Source: Y-Not II Tavern

    The original Y-Not closed years ago. However, Y-Not II and Y-Not III have continued as standout beer bars in Milwaukee.

    The mystery of Y-Not II lies not in the quality of its beer or decor but in the nostalgic feeling it evokes.

    Y-Not II never takes down decorations from past holidays, which suggests that every day is a holiday because Y-Not?

    The furniture consists of unmatched pieces which suggest functionality over aesthetics.

    At the bar, you will be wowed by how cheap the beers are and the friendliness of the bartenders. They also offer free popcorn, hurray!

    The charm of Y-Not II lies in subsequent visits because you’ll find nearly everything the same way: the decorations, furniture, free popcorn, and cheap beer. That’s what creates the nostalgia.

    706 E Lyon St, Milwaukee

  • Landmark 1850 Inn

    Source: Landmark Inn

    Landmark 1850 Inn is a historical beer, the oldest in Milwaukee. It has served drinkers across generations, witnessed several celebrations, and is a place of relaxation for travelers.

    It was once known as the New Cohen House, named after the area’s German, Polish, and Irish settlers. Its building was a gathering center for drinkers to get daily news before it became the Landmark 1850 Inn.

    The vibe here is always on the high side, thanks to the massive bar and the ever-interactive patrons.

    The beer list is extensive, with over 25 craft beers of American and European heritage. The restaurant also serves side dishes like pizza.

    5905 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee

  • Camino

    Source: Camino

    Camino is a craft beer bar and eatery on Second Street. This space once had one of Milwaukee’s earliest combinations of bars and kitchens.

    Around ten pub tables crowd the bar front, and a similar number of stools are at the bar.

    Camino’s small space makes it a warm delight on cold winter nights.

    You can start with the tasty menu, which includes sandwiches, fries, and wings, mostly of American heritage. Then, you can choose a drink from the 20 beers on tap, bottled brews, and canned beers to complete your bar experience.

    434 S 2nd St, Milwaukee

  • Champps Americana

    Source: Champps Americana

    If you ask a sports fan what they require of a beer bar, the list will likely be:

    • A large television
    • Comfortable seating arrangement
    • A lively atmosphere
    • Good snack options
    • An unlimited supply of cold beer
    • Quality Service

    Champps Americana ticks these boxes and offers one of the city’s best game-viewing experiences. There are over 50 taps of rare beer varieties, a spacious area, and passionate sports patrons to interact with.

    All at the price of a beer.

    1240 S Moorland Rd, Brookfield

  • The Drunk Uncle

    Source: The Drunk Uncle

    In Milwaukee, there’s a bar that aligns with your passion, and the Drunk Uncle will be perfect if you’re a pro wrestling fan.

    But don’t be mistaken—this bar still attracts people with diverse interests and backgrounds.

    So, while enjoying a glass of beer, you could amuse yourself with the games on the TV or the art on the walls.

    The bar offers a variety of cheap beers on 48 beer taps. Fun fact: they’re even cheaper on weekends.

    1902 S 68th St, West Allis

  • Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall

    Source: Kochanskisconcertina

    Kochanski’s is a lively bar of Polish heritage in Milwaukee. Its offerings make it an outstanding location in the neighborhood.

    First, the two stages often feature polka, blues, surf, and rockabilly bands. You can witness these bands having a musical duel if you’re lucky.

    Secondly, you have bar owner Andy Kochanski, who is constantly engaging and attending to patrons with courtesy. His genuine interest in his customers makes him a house favorite.

    Lastly, beer quality. Kochanski’s serves Polish beers that are value for money, whether you’re drinking from the tap or a bottle.

    1920 S 37th St., Milwaukee

What is the most famous beer in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee has a rich beer catalog. However, Miller Lite is the most popular in bars because of its smooth, refreshing taste and low calories.

Why is Milwaukee famous for beer?

At some point after the Civil War, no city produced more beer than Milwaukee. This is mainly due to the rapid establishment of breweries, including four of the largest in the U.S.: Miller Pabst, Schlitz, and Blantz.

This got the city the nickname “Beer Capital of the World.”