Beer is our passion here at The Draft House, but we also love sports and great food. Our objective is to bring forward the best beer bars in Milwaukee to help the locals and outside travelers have a great time in this brew city.

Once known as the beer capital of the world, Milwaukee has been home to America’s largest brewers such as Miller, Blatz, Schlitz and Pabst. For almost 200 years, Milwaukee and brewing have been going together like barley and hops.

The history of this brew city is older than Wisconsin. Be it on tap, keg, bottle, or can, beer is what Milwaukee is famous for. It’s no surprise that there are more than 30 breweries in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. The Miller Brewing Company is headquartered in Milwaukee and makes more than 10 million barrels every year through its local production facility.

Milwaukee has many unique bars to help you get through its long winters and quick summers. No matter where you are in Milwaukee, there’s always a good bar nearby. Bay view is Milwaukee’s best bar district. Some of the other good bar districts in Milwaukee are Walker’s point, Brady Street and the Historic Third Ward.

Here at The Draft House, we put together lists of best bars in Milwaukee as per different tastes. There are many unique bars in Milwaukee that offer a very distinct experience. From dog friendly bars to spy-themed hideaways, from gold-plated cash registers to an elevated social experience; you will experience it all at bars in Milwaukee.

We firmly believe that along with the food and drinks, it is the atmosphere and service which dictates the type of experience that people get out of any place. This is the main reason why our team members and valued readers publish honest reviews of old and new bars in Milwaukee to help you make the right selection.

We always welcome feedback from our readers and all beer lovers. Your reviews and comments help us in promoting only the best bars in Milwaukee that offer true value for money.